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10 Top Benefits of Gamification in Education (Why You Should Too)
By  •  June 28, 2023
83% employees who undergo gamified training felt more motivated, more engaged and leads to better learning outcomes. Bringing gamification into your classroom can have many real-world applications and benefits. Not only it can help to increase engagement, motivate students and make them more excited about learning. Gamification enriches the whole learning experience that improve learning outcomes. The application of gamification are endless, with top online learning tools offering features that help to implement gamification in learning with just a few simple clicks, more educators are adopting game-based learning for their learners. KEY TAKEAWAYS
  • Gamify your classroom by choosing the right game mechanics can helps students to become more engaged and enhance the eLearning experience.
  • Top online course platforms offers gamification features, as gamification provides a simple but highly effective way to improve learning outcome and helping learners to retain more information.
  • The impact of gamification increase dopamine release helping students learn faster.
What is Gamification in Learning?...
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