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1H’23 Income of $70,047
By Financial Stewardship  •  July 1, 2023
From Singapore Department of Statistics, among each resident household, median monthly income from work grew 6.1% from $9,520 to $10,099 in 2022. Household income from work includes employer CPF contributions, which means excluding CPF the take-home income is 10099/1.17 = $8,632 Tabulating my Investment Income for 1H 2023, this works out to be $70,047 total or $11,675 per month. Contentment is great gain, and not being in the work rat-race has its pros and cons of course  😎 I am thankful for this $70k 1H'23 result, which is higher than my inial target at the start of this new year. With the 2H'23 ahead, it might be challenging to duplicate this same result as many companies have paid out the bulk of their annual dividends Have also been slowly sharing and educating my children on some financial stuff, as they are beginning to grow and influenced by their peers....
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By Financial Stewardship

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