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How to Invest Your SRS Funds Easily Through ETFs
By Singapore's Budget Babe  •  July 17, 2023
Still sleeping on your SRS funds? This is your wake-up call to do something with them, or slowly watch its value erode especially in today’s high-interest rate environment. If you need to take a reference from what others have already done, here’s what other Singaporeans are investing their SRS in. Psst, if you didn’t already know, the funds in your Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) are only earning 0.05% p.a. And no, even though most banks have raised their interest rates over the last 2 years, this does not apply to your SRS account. Go ahead and check – you’re still only earning 50 cents for every $1,000 saved. If you had maximized your SRS contributions to reduce your income tax, that’s only $7.65 on every $15,300.

The state of SRS funds today

If you’ve been sleeping on your SRS funds, this is a wake-up call to do something with them. SRS statistics – the latest released by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) just 7 months ago in...
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By Singapore's Budget Babe
Budget Babe is an ordinary lady striving to achieve financial freedom in Singapore before the age of 45. She is always looking for cost-effective ways to live a fulfilling life in amidst Singapore's rising costs, and writes in order to empower fellow Singaporeans on taking charge of their own lives and finances. The final goal is to eventually break free from the competitive rat race. Will I meet you there? ...

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