6 Productivity Hacks that will Change your Life
By Financial Horse  •  July 19, 2023
Productivity is the difference between a busy person who achieves goals, and a busy person who is just busy. Be it at work or at home, being productive can help you accomplish your tasks more efficiently. The end result is more time – which is the world’s most precious commodity. This article was written by a Guest Contributor.
  1. Schedule smart
If you let time run you, you will run out of time. To be a productive person, you need to master schedules. Plan ahead, so you know how to fit things in effectively, and you are on top of your deadlines. Use technology to your advantage. Make use of google calendar (or any equivalent), apps and other tools. Sync up all your work events, personal appointments, tasks, and reminders and you’ll find yourself so much more organized and productive.
  1. The power of 3
Have you heard of the power of 3?...
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By Financial Horse
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