Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) Aug 2023 – Yield Might Increase Further Next Month But Likely To Peak Soon
By Finance Gnome  •  July 19, 2023
The latest SSB for August 2023 has a 10-year average yield of 2.99%, substantially higher than last month’s SSB offering 2.82%. The first year yield is 2.97%, and subsequently the yield remains relatively flat but it increases the last few years prior to maturity. This month, there’s $600m on offer. If you’re interested, remember to apply by next Wednesday 26 July, 9pm. This month’s bond offering is slightly below 3% average 10-year yield. Yield curve has flattened again, so you would get pretty much ~3% yield every year for 10 years. If you’re looking for places to park your cash or SRS funds for the long term but still want the option to terminate early without penalty, SSB could be a good option. Unfortunately, SSB is not eligible for CPFIS scheme so you can’t invest your CPF savings into it. For more details, refer to my Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) tracker....
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By Finance Gnome
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