Cryptocurrency Airdrop, AKA, Free Money! and some Updates
By Careyourpresent  •  July 27, 2023
Cryptocurrency It has been a while since I blogged about Cryptocurrency. Recently the market is all about interest rates, liquidity. Believe it or not, it’s always the liquidity that drives the market. Regardless of how much a crypto coin is or a share is, if there is no liquidity in the market, price will not rise in the shorter to mid-term (of course, it will still rise in long term, decades, if the fundamentals are good and with consistency improvement such as my favorite Ethereum, MSFT, Googl etc). Back to Cryptocurrency, my last more interesting post is about airdrop. Read: Arbitrum Airdrop – free money! What other airdrops that will give you free money next? What are Airdrops? (Copied a paragraph from my last post for those who are not aware of what is an airdrop.) For those who are unaware, cryptocurrency airdrops are events in which you receive coins without having to pay for them....
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By Careyourpresent
My name is Edmond Ng and I am 39 years old in year 2022. I am the founder of Careyourpresent site. I am a believer of Caring your Present and treasuring your time with your love ones. Most of the time we are busy with work, spending your precious time pursuing something which you don’t like but have to do in order to earn a living. Hence, please Love and Care for your PRESENT!

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