uSMART x StocksCafe
By StocksCafe  •  August 19, 2023
I’m sure you will agree that one of the biggest pain points of StocksCafe users is that we have to painstakingly manually enter the transactions made. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all transactions could be synced to StocksCafe automatically? Today, I am super excited to share our collaboration with uSMART! This is a special collaboration because with this, you no longer need to enter your trades manually. With a single click, StocksCafe will be able to sync your uSMART transactions seamlessly into StocksCafe via secure read-only APIs. Who is uSMART? In case, you have not heard about them. You can watch Kelvin’s YouTube video or read this SingSaver post to learn more about them. TLDR; They are among the cheapest brokerages in Singapore for you to trade SG, HK, US stocks and US options. They are licensed and regulated by MAS with a strong presence in HK and backed by Hong Kong conglomerate Chow Tai Fook Group....
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By StocksCafe
StocksCafe was created originally as a personal project to help me make better investment decisions. I decided to share it because it grew to a project that I believe many can benefit from. Feel free to let me know how it can improve to better assist you ...

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