Monthly Musings – August 2023
By Kean Chan  •  August 27, 2023
I’ve started a monthly series where I share interesting things I’ve come across (articles, podcasts, reports, recent travels, etc.) with brief summaries for your reading pleasure. I know I missed July’s round so I’m putting them in for August’s issue: Articles I’m reading Harley Bassman (in case you don’t know, he invented the bond market volatility gauge – MOVE Index when he was at Merrill Lynch) shared his high level thoughts on the bond market and spread segments and made the case for mortgage-backed securities and municipal debt in the current backdrop. His main point is that he thinks he isn’t compensated for duration risk and credit risk, but there’s good relative value for convexity risk given the confluence of elevated implied volatility and an inverted yield curve at this juncture. The maverick hedge fund manager Alex Gurevich shared his macro thesis on deflation and reiterated his bullish view on duration in this piece that’s worth a read....
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By Kean Chan
Born and based in Singapore, Kean is fascinated with financial markets and global macro investing since a teenager. At, he records his thoughts on the world and archives his experience of mistakes and lessons and hopes that they are useful for viewers from all around the world. He is obsessed with reading widely across various fields, loves to jog and wishes he has more time for golf. While proficient with English, Mandarin and German, he is trying his best to improve his Cantonese and hopes to pick up French some day. Kean was a Toastmaster with ACB accreditation, and is a charter holder of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA).

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