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Keppel Infrastructure Trust (SGX: A7RU): 2023 Half Year Result
By ViresInSolitudine  •  August 28, 2023

On 26 July 2023, Keppel Infrastructure Trust (“KIT”) announced their 2023 half year result. This announcement showed the use of the equity fund raising in 2023Q2, which have helped to reduce gearing into a comfortable range. KIT seems on track to main the dividend payout and their income is sustainable to do so.

Worth noting that distributable income for the first half have also seen a significant increase when compared to the same period in 2022. However when comparing to 2023Q1, the distributable income for 2023Q2 quarter itself have seen a decrease, mainly due to a fall in distributable income from Ixom as they have undergone a strategic review and was only completed after the quarter end. Investors will need to take note of any material impact in 2023Q3.

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KIT is the largest diversified business trust listed in

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By ViresInSolitudine
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