EC World … 1st Reit victim from High Interest Rates!
By Financial Stewardship  •  August 31, 2023
News broke out early this morning that China based EC World Reit has requested for voluntary suspension. With the Singapore investing community's preferance on Reits, some people are naturally still invested in this Reit and disappointed with the suspension of their hard earned monies. 

While personally not invested in this reit, it is a timely reminder that with ALL investments,  for yield or capital gains, they do come with certain Risks. I too have my own share of painful experiences (Hyflux, Noble and other China stocks). 

Reits being highly leveraged businesses are certainly not spared from the rapid rise of high interest rates. Coupled with China trying to rebalance their economy for the future, slowing growth and deflation pressures in the property segment, more victims and pain should be forthcoming. The search for high yield % returns should not be at the expense of capital loss. Fundamentally strong businesses should
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By Financial Stewardship

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