Why I think the new HDB classification system might do little for the property market (for now)
By Data Science Investor  •  September 1, 2023
I was all ready to listen to the National Day Rally two weeks ago. There are some property announcements which I am speculating that did not happen. For instance, the increase of income ceiling limit for new Executive Condominiums. Given that the current income ceiling for new Executive Condominiums is $16,000 and has been implemented since 2019, I was expecting that an increase in this income ceiling to be perhaps to be increased to $18,000. While it didn’t happen during the NDR, I still think there is a good chance it will happen in the next 12 months (same goes to a majority of my subscribers who answered the poll recently too). What was quite unexpected was the new HDB classification system that was announced. I’m sure most of you here might have already known about this system (Standard, Plus, Premium). You may be forgiven if you misunderstood that as...
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By Data Science Investor
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