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Renting Clothes & Dresses in Singapore: Does It Make Sense To Do So?
By Seedly  •  September 9, 2023
Source: Giphy If you’ve been scrolling through social media feeds, you’ve probably seen a ton of different ads popping up, right? Among the endless stream of ads, you’ll come across everything from fashion to furniture and beyond. But something that caught my eye recently was ads for clothes rental. For just $59, I can try out three fresh pieces of clothing every month. Now, let’s talk about the reality of clothing prices today. I mean, these days, their prices are going up (partly thanks to inflation I guess) and a single piece of clothing can easily set you back anywhere from $30 to $50. Here’s the rental advantage: no pile of ill-fitting or unwanted clothes cluttering your closet, no resale or donations required. Plus, the total cost of renting often beats ownership. And on the financial side, is it wise to spend $50 to $90 monthly to sample clothes without owning them? That’s $600 to $1,080 a year! Is that your typical clothing budget?...
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By Seedly
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