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Ultimate Guide to iShopChangi: Duty-Free Singapore & Save Up to 30%
By Seedly  •  September 14, 2023
Bulk shopping Source: Gifer Do you remember the last time you shopped at the Departure or Arrival Halls at Changi Airport? Despite reaching the airport 2 hours prior to boarding time, I never got enough time to look around the duty-free stores available in the Best Airport in the World. But this was way before I knew I could do my shopping before my flight at iShopChangi, and collect my items at the airport. And, do you know that you can actually purchase items off iShopChangi? What if I told you there are other duty-free places where Singaporeans can purchase duty-free items from, and save up about 10 to 30%? Let’s find out more!

TL;DR: iShopChangi, DFS Galleria & Other Duty-Free Products in Singapore

170923_ iShopChangi Ultimate Guide_ What to Buy & How to Save Jump here: How to shop at iShopChangi? Best things to get at iShopChangi T Galleria by DFS at Orchard, cruise centres...
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By Seedly
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