We Own 2 Condos & Live In An HDB: Should We Sell It All To Invest In REITs, Or Buy A Landed?
By Stacked Homes  •  September 15, 2023
Hi Stacked Homes team Have been reading and following the properties advice given by your team and I find it very insightful and is always learning new and objective perspectives dished out by your professional and expertise opinion. Appreciate to hear your professional advice on our next property decision. I am 50 and my wife is 40. Combined monthly income is $20k (13k + 7k). Additional rental income from the 2 condos is $8.9k ( 5.3k+3.6k). We currently owned 2 condos, 3 bedder at The poiz under my name and 1 bedder at queen peak under my wife. We r staying in parent owned hdb flat that is fully paid. Was thinking to sell both properties and upgrade to a landed property for further investment (better capital appreciation) or put all sales proceed into REIT investment. Financial information as follows:
  • Poiz 3 bedder, outstanding loan $1.05m, accrued CPF $671k.
  • Queen peak 1 bedder, outstanding loan $350k, accrued CPF $170k
  • Currently, My Cpf OA $60k, my wife CPF OA $52k.
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By Stacked Homes
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