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Keppel DC REIT (SGX: AJBU): 2023 Half Year Result
By ViresInSolitudine  •  September 16, 2023
On 24 July 2023, Keppel DC REIT (“KDC”) have announced their 2023 half year result. We are starting to see the effects of the current environment on the fundamentals of KDC, where their recent refinancing has caused cost of borrowings to increase and DPU have remained unchanged this half of the year despite the increase in net property income. This is not unexpected given that other REITs in the market are also facing similar challenges. However, KDC is trading at a significant premium due to their data centre exposure, which will also mean higher potential capital loss should there be any black swan event. This industry in my opinion will be one that remain more resilient and low supply in the short term, especially as the world continues to be more technologically integrated and there is continued demand for data. Investors should take note of their risk appetite and assess accordingly. Website: Financial Statements And Related Announcement::Half Yearly Results Photo source:
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By ViresInSolitudine
I am an ex-auditor. I tend to adopt a more skeptical view and downplay what Companies like to project themselves as.

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