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Why Do We Save Money After We Reached Financial Independent Status?
By Investment Moats  •  September 18, 2023
I subscribed to former 1M65 Telegram group member Patrick Teo’s channel CPF Wealth Tree. If you are interested in his thoughts about life and money, you can subscribe to it as well. Patrick views how life should be lived as we near retirement as that we should be open to working longer. I have no problems with that but the more he explained, I became disconnected from some of the reasons brought up. I am too tired from work to reason about what I disconnect with (and my views are probably not strong enough). But when I read two of the points Patrick brought up to correct inaccuracies in Mr Loo’s video about Working Till You Die and had stronger thoughts. They are highlighted in yellow: I cannot understand what it means to say we have reached F.I. status, but we still need to augment our money in FI. If we are already “financially independent”,...
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By Investment Moats
Investment Moats is set up by Kyith Ng and have been around since 2005. He aims to share his experiences making sense of money, how money works and ways to grow his money. It hopes that by sharing his experiences, both good and bad, season investors can advice and critique his decisions and new investors can learn from them and find their own style ...

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