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iPhone 15 SIM-Only vs Contract Plans: Total Cost Comparison Over 2 Years
By Seedly  •  September 29, 2023
Keen to get your hands on the new iPhone 15 but unsure if you should go with a two-year contract or get a SIM-Only Plan? Source: Apple | iPhone 15 & 15 Plus Lineup Well, look no further as we help you make that decision with a total cost comparison over two years! We’ll be comparing the overall cost of getting the iPhone 15 with a two-year contract from the three major telcos against buying the iPhone 15 directly from Apple and getting a SIM-Only plan for two years. Let’s dive right in!

TL;DR: iPhone 15 SIM-Only vs Contract Plans – Total Cost Comparison Over 2 Years

If you didn’t already know, buying an iPhone (or any other phone) with SIM-Only plans are cheaper than two-year contract plans bundled with the phone. But the question here is, by how much? Which is more value-for-money? As there are...
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By Seedly
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