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The Beginner Investor’s Guide to Growing Wealth Via Trading Platforms
By ValueChampion  •  November 15, 2023
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For the newbie investor, utilising trading platforms may seem pretty daunting. If you are new to trading, here’s a beginner’s guide to investing with trading platforms, featuring Webull. Read on also for investing tips and strategies to get started on your wealth accumulation journey and build a solid investment portfolio.

Types of Trading

It is common for investors to use multiple types of investing strategies to build an investment portfolio or for portfolio diversification. This guide will get you acquainted with three key types of trading that will help you get a headstart on reaching your investment goals. They are also available on trading platforms like Webull Singapore, where you can start investing with zero commission for one month (for new users who sign up and open an account) if you invest in US stocks and ETFs.

Stocks Trading

stocks trading
Source: Webull
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By ValueChampion
We distill sprawling marketplaces—for insurance, credit cards, bank accounts, and more—down to choices that represent a sweet spot for value—as in offering the features, returns, or experience we think you need for the smallest outlay. We ask: Is the return on a particular purchase or decision worth the cost or risk of that option, and how does the choice stack up against other options?

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