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CDC and GST Vouchers 2023: Everything You Need To Know Plus The Amount You’ll Get
By ValueChampion  •  November 20, 2023
The Singapore government announced that Singaporeans will receive up to S$800 worth of cash vouchers this December. This is the latest round of the Assurance Package payouts to offset the increasing costs of living. Here's everything you need to know, simplified for you. Vouchers To Be Paid Out in December 2023 All Singaporeans aged 21 years old and above in 2024 will receive a cash voucher of S$200 to S$800 during the December 2023 round of Assurance Package payouts. About 2.9 million Singaporeans will benefit from this round of payouts. This is part of the S$6.6 billion Assurance Package (AP) and the permanent GST Voucher (GSTV) scheme, that aims to help Singaporeans lessen the financial loan of higher inflation and GST increases. December 2023 Cash Payout Details
Payment Owns 0 to 1 property Owns more than 1 property
Assessable Income For The Year Of Assessment 2022
Up to S$34,000 More than $34,000, and up to S$100,000 More than S$100,000
AP Cash S$600 S$350 S$200 S$200
AP Cash Special Payment S$200 S$150 - -
Total $800 $500 $200 $200
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By ValueChampion
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