Is there a market for reverse insurance claim specialists?
By Retire by 50  •  November 20, 2023
I’m writing this article after returning from Cathie Chew’s “Get RAW! With A REAL Agent” book launch as I have a few insights from Cathie’s sharing of her life experience in her book launch. This is Cathie’s 4th book and also the 8th year after the raw fish saga in 2015 that caused her husband to lose his hearing. The incident also transformed Cathie’s career where she left her financial consultant career of more than 2 decades to become a caregiver for her husband. It is also the same incident where Cathie had to go through lengthy claim processes, often having to challenge and provide supplementary documents to reverse claim rejections for some of the insurance policies that her husband had bought when he was healthy. Not surprisingly, the most challenging ones are the group insurance policies that her husband has with the company he worked in. Here are some of the takeaways that I have learn from the book launch....
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By Retire by 50 is a personal blog about my journey to retirement by the age of 50. At 31, I am a typical white-collar Singaporean who works regular hours in a job while looking for other opportunities to make more money during non-office hours. This blog will discuss the hits-and-misses encountered during my journey to free myself from the corporate rat race. Will I get there by 2033? Stay tuned.

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