Culinary Chronicles, SippingCoconuts’ Style (check out the TikTok video!)
By Sipping Coconuts  •  November 28, 2023
So, you know us – the crew that’s all about good food and good spending habits!! We’ve shared our love for home-cooked meals and the joy of creating memorable moments in the kitchen and over a meal. The last post was just on what’s been happening in the last few months (link here – Our Second Half of 2023: A Journey Through Ups, Downs, and Exciting Plans) without our kitchen shenanigans, always deserving of a post on it’s own based on our priorities! From left to right, here goes some of the highlights the past few months have seen on the dining table:
  1. Signature Birthday Breakfast Special: Every child in the SC household gets a fun birthday breakfast. I’ve always done it for the kids and this year, Coco#2 actually woke up and was a tad disappointed there was none of the table! He was looking forward to it and that made me so
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By Sipping Coconuts
Team SC is the collective moniker for our family members, Ms.K, Mr.C and CocoJr#1 and #2. We’re a young family based out of Singapore, breaking away from the norm by living our life passionately, purposefully and (importantly) well within our financial means so that we are free from the typical shackles of modern day society like debt, lifestyle inflation and mindless consumerism.

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