A Parent’s Guide to Childcare Subsidies in Singapore
By Planner Bee  •  December 4, 2023
Raising a child takes a village. It can be physically taxing, mentally challenging, and financially draining on new parents. Thankfully for parents in Singapore, the government has taken measures to alleviate the costs of raising a child. This includes the Baby Bonus Scheme, as well as a plethora of childcare subsidies. While the Baby Bonus Scheme is not used solely for childcare, it contributes significantly with the amount given both in cash gifts and its dollar-for-dollar co-matching savings for the child. Parents will receive part of the Baby Bonus Cash Gift every six months until their child turns 6½ years old. Subsidies For Infant Care, Child Care, and Kindergarten Nevertheless, with the rising cost of living in Singapore, having a newborn and raising a child is expensive. To further defray the costs of raising a child, the government also has a range of subsidies available for infant care, child care, and kindergarten....
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By Planner Bee
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