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Paragon REIT – I think boat is back for this reit counter trading at 81.5 cents and yield is about 5.91% , NAV 90 cents, I think is a gd pivot point to take note! They own Paragon mall, Clementi mall etc.
By Singapore Stocks Sharing  •  December 4, 2023
Chart wise,  she has managed to bounce-off from 79 cents and touched the high of 85.5 cents and retracing down at 81.5-82 cents looks like a gd pivot point!
  1. DBS Group - local number one bank ...
Pause Unmute Loaded: 34.53% Remaining Time -2:11 Fullscreen Yield is about 5.91% ay 81.5 cents. NAV 90 cents. Gearing 30.1%. Pls dyodd. 3rd quarter results is out! I think results is not bad! Gross Revenue is up 1.2% to 215.6m. Gearing is 30.1% and Occupancy rate is 98.1%. No refinancing in 2.4 years time. Not a call to buy or sell! Pls dyodd. She is due to report her 3rd quarter results on 31st October! Yield is about 6.05% , buay pai! Pls dyodd. Chart wise,  bearish mode! I think she may go down to test 0.80. Next support is at 0.79 and 0.725. Pls dyodd. Wah, it has broken down 88 cents and closed lower at 83.5 cents, looks rather negative and may continue to trend lower!...
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By Singapore Stocks Sharing
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