Industrial REITs Comparison – Part 1 @ 10 December 2023
By REIT-TIREMENT  •  December 10, 2023
Below is a comparison using the latest data from comparison tables on SREITs Data page. The most favorable figures are marked in blue and given a +1 score, while the least favorable are in red with a -1 score. The highest score in each category determines the winner. Note that this is a simple comparison without weightage assigned to each figure. Overall Winner Now, let's dive into the details: Fundamental Overview, Related Parties Shareholding & Lease Profile: Overview Winner: Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust Related Parties Shareholding Winner: Mapletree Industrial Trust Lease Profile Winner: Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust Diversification & Debt Profile: Diversification Profile Winner: CapitaLand Ascendas REIT Debt Profile Winner: Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust Key Financial Metrics, Distribution Breakdown & Growth Trend: Key Financial Metrics Winner: Keppel DC REIT Distribution Breakdown Winner: Keppel DC REIT Growth Trend Winner: Keppel DC REIT Relative Valuation Price Range: Winner: Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust Dividend Yield: Winner: Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust P/NAV: Winner: Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust...
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I am Vince and welcome to my blog. I started this blog on 1st January 2019. Since the start of my investment journey, I have been fond of REITs because of its dividends. REITs allowed you to become a property landlord and get rental income without having to fork out large sum of initial capital, look out for tenant as well as manage the properties ...

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