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Credit card strategy for low spender | $300 miles game plan
By Scrappy Finance  •  February 9, 2024
If you want to make your limited spending work for you while unlocking the potential of your credit cards for attractive rewards, this post will be helpful for you. A miles card provides a higher percentage reward compared to cashback cards so it appeals to me. Receiving cashback is a straightforward process with immediate value realization. But there is a trade-off of lower rewards and often a monthly spending requirement to qualify for the cashback Although my fixed expenses are below $300, I am still keen to use credit cards that enable me to earn miles If I could spend close to 1k a month which is a reasonable amount to accumulate credit card points over time, I will pick these 6 credit cards highlighted below. Given my low average fixed expenses, I will opt for credit cards that align with my lifestyle. I will be sharing my thoughts and strategy in the video....
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By Scrappy Finance
Hello, I am Anne. I learnt about FIRE movement when I was an undergraduate. I binged-read many finance blogs and got my head start in learning how to save, invest and increase my income. It's good to absorb knowledge on how to be savvy with my personal finances and avoid mistakes highlighted by others.

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