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By Singapore Stock Picker  •  February 12, 2024
5 years ago, I estimated that I was going to reach $1M in the middle of this year. I’ve done it ahead of schedule by a couple of months. I’ve finally crossed $1M SGD in liquid assets. It’s a testament to the power of disciplined financial habits. Since there’s a financial independence idea called the 1M65 movement, I’ve shamelessly used the same naming convention as the title for my blog post. In my entire working life, I’ve contributed slightly more than $600K into my stock portfolio. Today, after roughly a decade, I sit at $900K+ in stocks and SRS investments. Including my cash reserves, I’ve crossed the psychological level of 1M. Here’s how it looks pictorially. Progress tracking over time. 2.4% cash in the green section, so actual exposure is 92/8 Stock allocation in my brokerage accounts Reaching a seven-figure net worth is not just about just hitting the number and going yay yay yay. It’s a journey. Below, I summarize my...
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By Singapore Stock Picker
I am a full time electronics engineer at a government linked company in Singapore. I enjoy most of my work and it pays reasonably well. However, I dislike waking up early and following a 9am-5pm lifestyle. That’s why I started picking up investing. I want to end up retiring from full time work by 40 and having the option to not being a slave to any company ...

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