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Mapletree Log Tr -Just received the letter for tye scrip offered at 1.524 per share. Deadline to submit before 5pm on 23rd February. Do take note!
By Singapore Stocks Sharing  •  February 14, 2024
Just received the letter for tye scrip offered at 1.524 per share. I have nibbled a bit at 1.51 today! Most probably  I will skip and take cash instead! Last day to submit is on 23rd Feb 5pm. Do take note! At 1.51, yield is about 6%. I think is a great yield level for me. Mapletree Log Tr  - Scrip price offered is 1.524, which is higher than current market price of 1.51! Does it make sense to go for scrip! O would rather take cash and buy straight from market directly which is slightly cheaper.     Election period is from 9th Feb to 23 Feb. New share will be credited on 20th March. At 1.51, Yield is about 6% for this index reit of which I think is a no-brainer opportunity! Pls dyodd. Mapletree Log Tr  - Yesterday queueing to get some at 1.60 but didnt managed to get! At 1.61, yield is nice at 5.64%! Will try again on Monday! Pls dyodd....
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By Singapore Stocks Sharing
All information is just for sharing on or (Trade/Invest base on your own decision). Thank You! For trading, be firmed in executing your stop loss strategy. Also don’t be too eager to take profit to early. Let your profit run. For Investing it is good to read up and educate yourself to know the basic financial analysis. Learn how to identify good company to invest . Pick those company/counter that you are familiar with their business.

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