On the issue of languishing
By Growing your tree of prosperity  •  March 7, 2024
I'm still on my journey of figuring out what life will be like for me post-50, so right now, I'm trying to understand the state of languishing that a lot of folks I know might be going through. I'm going to dedicate a few articles to this topic over the next few days, as it's useful as a reference as I hit the big 5-0. Languishing is a state of low-grade mental weariness that counts indifference as one of its symptoms. The checklist of someone languishing is extensive and covers things like feeling that your job no longer matters in the grander scheme of things or losing the motivation to catch up with friends and family. The symptom that affects me the most is that more and more things seem irrelevant, superficial, and uninteresting. Last week, I mustered some time to spend $30 on one hour of vinyl record listening and found the experience a significant waste of my time....
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By Growing your tree of prosperity
I have recently completed my Juris Doctor and I am waiting to be called by the Singapore Bar. For the past 15 years I was an IT manager and I have worked in multinationals, financial exchanges, trade unions and even a government agency. I started my career as an AS/400 administrator and moved on to manage IT projects and operations

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