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How Singapore’s Banking Apps Are Bridging the Financial Literacy Divide
By Retire by 50  •  March 27, 2024
In today’s digital age, the intersection of technology and personal finance has never been more prominent, particularly within the realm of banking apps in Singapore. These platforms have evolved from mere transactional tools into comprehensive financial companions, aiming to demystify and streamline the process of financial planning for the everyday user. The inspiration for this article sprang from an enlightening conversation I had with a member of the customer experience team from a leading bank at the recent TFC Financial Wellness Festival 2024. Their insights into the challenges and opportunities of designing financial planning tools for a diverse user base sparked a curiosity in me. In the quest to cater to the varying degrees of financial literacy among Singaporeans, should banking apps focus on designing simplified financial planning tools for those who are not financially savvy, or should they venture into more sophisticated financial planning tools to satisfy the demands of the financially literate? This article aims to explore the...
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By Retire by 50 is a personal blog about my journey to retirement by the age of 50. At 31, I am a typical white-collar Singaporean who works regular hours in a job while looking for other opportunities to make more money during non-office hours. This blog will discuss the hits-and-misses encountered during my journey to free myself from the corporate rat race. Will I get there by 2033? Stay tuned.

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