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510,000 of us must be Stupid! + Story of Scam & Real JB Danger!
By 1M65  •  March 31, 2024
  In our past video, we received much feedback on the dangers of a JB Retirement, citing the security issues that are 'rampant' in Malaysia. We almost believed it. Then CNA reported this... interesting piece of news. 510 THOUSAND Singaporeans went to Malaysia over Good Friday, jamming up the causeway. Here is what Mr Loo has to say....
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By 1M65
Loo founded the Non-Profit 1M65 Movement and was one of the few non-civil servants to receive the Public Sector Transformation Award in 2018 for his 1M65 efforts. Kate, Loo’s daughter, is a 19-year-old finance guru wannabe. If you’d like to hear more from Loo and Kate on Personal Finance, please join the 1M65 Telegram Discussion Group or watch their entertaining Youtube channel.

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