Portfolio Transactions (March 2024)
By Azrael's Financial Cents  •  April 19, 2024
Life is been rather complicated so sorry for the late post. My side project has restarted with baby steps finally. On my career, I am working in a new role right now. Time will tell.
  • Sell Splunk at 156.5 (~19% Profit)
    • Reasons/Notes
      • It was near the acquisition price so I decided to sell it.
      • Unfortunately, I totally forgot it was 1 day from the acquisition date. So wasted my brokerage fees.
That's all for my money for now. The recent sell orders allows me to shift the bulk of it to other portfolios. However, I foresee I might be short on cash for the next year, so probably won't see the portfolio growing much. I have place a small % of my net worth in crypto-assets. Conclusion My portfolio YTD is now 5.56%, with the long term XIRR at -2.19% (w/o Crypto is 1.82%). Hopefully, I can go back into the green for the long term....
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By Azrael's Financial Cents
Azrael is the author behind Azrael's Financial Cents, a personal diary of his journey towards Financial Freedom. Hopefully, while sharing his experience, he can help his readers and better himself too.

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