Today’s Deal of the day – Dobin App
By Lifejourney  •  April 19, 2024
At the start of 2024, there were signs that new offerings were being put out for deal seekers but as it seems, after January, there has been a drag of three months. Nothing much now except for Dobin. Before we start, let me just say that this is an affiliated link and by doing some actions, you do help me in keeping the lights on this blog. Please do try the app out. I have been using it for the past 6 months and I must say it has one of the better apps available without annoying advertisements. At the same time, I can track expenses and connect my banking apps. Today is the last day for the referral. You can sign up and refer your friends and family to get cash rewards too. Besides that point, the main aim is to use the friendly app for tracking personal expenses....
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By Lifejourney
They say millennia look at life differently but I don’t think so. I have been working for some time now and gained enough experience in certain industries to understand how certain things work. Many times, it is about sucking up to the bosses which I really dislike. Because of that, I went on to do something else and in the process actually found a job that I really love.

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