Swipe Your Way to a Stock Portfolio: Invest with Every Purchase via Tiger BOSS Debit Card
By Beansprout  •  April 25, 2024
This post was created in partnership with Tiger Brokers Singapore Pte Ltd (“Tiger Brokers”). All views and opinions expressed in this article are Beansprout’s objective and professional opinions.

What happened?

Many have shared how to make use of credit cards for miles and cashback benefits.  But if you do not qualify for a credit card to earn these rewards, don’t worry. There are still ways to receive benefits when you spend with a debit card.  We recently came across the Tiger BOSS Debit Card, the first of its kind debit card in Singapore which offers fractional shares as rewards for everyday spending. Yes, you read that correctly. Unlike most credit or debit cards which come with more typical rewards such as cashback, loyalty points, and miles, the Tiger BOSS Debit Card allows you to get stocks when you spend. This means that we can now invest as we spend.  So...
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By Beansprout
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