Alibaba Full Year Results- Don’t Miss the Forest For the Trees.
By Investment Income for Life  •  May 15, 2024
Not sure why many analysts were extremely disappointed with Alibaba for missing earnings expectations which brought about a sell down in the US market. On the contrary, I thought that Alibaba did fairly well for its last March Quarter 2024 and full year. Revenue continued to grow by 7% on a year to year basis for Q4. So clearly, Alibaba seems to be returning to growth mode. I will ignore the "Net Income" due to the "fair value" mark to market for its non-core business activities (public listed investments) and focus instead on the non-GAAP net income.  Also interestingly, Alibaba is going to pay out dividends again!

1. Not too bad results- investment for topline revenue growth
Q4 March 24 Results

The non-GAAP net income for Q4 ended 31 March 2024 decreased 11% from  RMB 27,375Mil to RMB 24,418Mil. Nevertheless non-GAAP diluted earnings per share decrease only 5% year on year due mainly
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By Investment Income for Life
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