Introducing Winking Studios: Navigating the Impact of AI on Art Outsourcing and Game Development
By T.U.B Investing  •  May 15, 2024
Not Vested Winking Studios (WKS.SI) is a recently listed company in SGX that has made a name for itself as one of the largest Art Outsourcing and Game Development studios in Asia. With a team of highly talented artists and designers, WKS operates across multiple locations, including Singapore, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, and Taipei. Their impressive clientele boasts 21 of the top 25 game publishers worldwide, highlighting their prominence in the industry.
Winking Studios Website
Naturally, one might question whether the rise of AI could disrupt WKS business. With the proliferation of art generators and automated tools, it seems plausible that such technologies could threaten the demand for their services. However, WKS has addressed this concern in a detailed article published by Dollars and Senses, providing valuable insights that warrant consideration. While I won't delve into the specifics of their response, I would like to share my thoughts on the matter....
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By T.U.B Investing
I am the founder of T.U.B Investing Blog and the Co-founder of Fundamental Scorecard. I am a full-time employee who started investing in 2009/10 during my university days. Like many of us, I had my fair share of mistakes at the start of my investing journey. The worst time was when I used all my saving to bet on warrants, losing half of it ...

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