Asian Pay TV Trust: A Dividend Bagger
By Investmoolah  •  May 20, 2024

Similar to the US Office REITs, Asian Pay TV Trust (APTT) is suffering from a period of high interest and high leverage (but as it is not a REIT, it is not constrained by the 50% leverage limit, so not force selling is happening but has to pay corporate taxes).

The trust has a disastrously high debt load to equivalent of SGD$1.22 billion or 58% debt ratio. For now the trust is first using its cashflow to pay down its SGD debt which has a higher interest rate

Cashflow Generation Ability

APTT is in the Television and Broadband industry within North and Central Taiwan. It is in a highly regulated industry where new entrants find it difficult to enter unless Taiwan issues them the license. 

No doubt it has a utility-like trait but in recent times, APTT's TV customer number has been falling. And with that,

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By Investmoolah
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