With rates ‘higher for longer’, savers have a good opportunity to explore investing
By Syfe  •  May 28, 2024
The original version of this article was firstly published in Business Times. Ritesh Ganeriwal, Managing Director and Head of Investment and Advisory at Syfe, explained why ‘higher for longer’ interest rates have created market conditions that make now a great time for savers to become investors. Savers have been spoilt for choice over the last couple of years. Adoption of money market funds and other alternative cash instruments flourished as interest rates rose. Banks responded with eye-watering headline savings rates to woo customers back. But with the US Federal Reserve indicating rate cuts once inflation comes under control, and with many Singapore banks already trimming savings rates, the party for savers seems to be coming to an end. The big question is when. A recent poll found that two thirds of economists expect two rate cuts this year, starting in September, but the Fed will keep rates in the ‘higher for longer’ default...
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By Syfe
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