Does This Mean The Foreigner ABSD Is Going To Be Lowered Soon?
By Stacked Homes  •  June 9, 2024
Why do we have so many new land plots for sale in prime areas right now? For those who have been keeping track of new land releases in Singapore, it may seem like  bit of a puzzle why the government has released land plots in some very pricey areas late: And a few others in places like Bukit Timah (Turf City), or where you find residents who consider real Bird’s Nest to be a casual beverage. This is in the immediate aftermath of ABSD measures, which raised stamp duties on foreigners to 60 per cent. And as we’ve pointed out inprevious articles, prime areas bear the brunt of this. These are the preferred locations for wealthy foreigners, who are now disincentivised; but that hardly means the average Singaporean is going to be buying a condo in Orchard Boulevard. From word on the ground, viewings at properties have also been...
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By Stacked Homes
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