Deconstructing the AIA Pro Achiever 3.0 ILP
By Investment Moats  •  June 10, 2024
My friend pinged me, asking if the AIA Pro Achiever 3.0 is a whole life plan or an investment-linked policy (ILP). I wish that one day, MAS can just legislate and make every insurance company state what kind of insurance policy is behind each fancy name. In any case, AIA Pro Achiever is an ILP and I think popular enough that is frequently asked about. Many people in Singapore bought the plan, then freak out when they read online about how terrible ILP is. The biggest problem with ILP is that we all bought them when we were financially less conscious, and when we became conscious, we realised we were so locked in that we could not redeploy our cash flows. ILPs are a problem because we locked in our cash flow during a period that is the most risky for us to do it. Since it is so popular,...
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By Investment Moats
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One response to “Deconstructing the AIA Pro Achiever 3.0 ILP”

  1. Ethical finance says:

    Hi I have some insights which I can provide for aia pro achiever 3, which is a more direct way of looking at its cost. All in all the extra bonus given to policyholders will be eaten away by the supplementary fee. I do an excel to show this. And also, the fund management fee is charge at 2-3 levels, since it’s a sub fund for aia ilp. So it can be disgustingly huge if it has more layers and if they beat benchmark they can ask for performance fee of up to 3%, for all 2-3 layers.

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