Portfolio Transactions (May 2024)
By Azrael's Financial Cents  •  June 10, 2024

Updates for my Portfolio for May 2024

I am still continuing to close up the knowledge gap. So many things will be put aside. I haven't slept well since I joined and been using the small things like a nice cup of brewed coffee daily, a budget productivity mouse and a budget keypad. I am building a silent focused mechanical keyboard too, just waiting for parts to arrive.
No Transactions for May
That's all for my money for now.
I am still building up my cash reserves, so not much investments moving forward.
I have place a small % of my net worth in crypto-assets.


My portfolio YTD is now 9.24%, with the long term XIRR at -0.87% (w/o Crypto is 2.08%). Hopefully, I can go back into the green for the long term. I have also updated some portfolios I am testing
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By Azrael's Financial Cents
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