Weekly Review with SIAS: Yangzijiang Shipbuilding, hospitality stocks in focus
By Beansprout  •  June 10, 2024

What happened?

In this week's Weekly Market Review in partnership with Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS), we discuss the growing upward trend in the global equity market and also share more about the following: Yangzijiang ShipbuildingSingapore hospitality stocks, including Far East Hospitality Trust and CDL Hospitality Trust Watch the video to learn more about what we are looking out  for this week.

Weekly Market Review

2:00 - Macro Update

US stocks rebounded, with the S&P 500 at $5,350. Gains were led by tech stocks, with NASDAQ up 2.4%. In contrast, the Singapore STI declined by 0.2%.The key data point last week was the US non-farm payroll data, indicating a strong job market. In May, 272,000 jobs were added, much higher than in April and above expectations. This suggests the US economy remains robust, possibly delaying Fed rate cuts.Following the jobs data, the two-year US government bond yield rose...
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