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By Endowus Insights  •  June 14, 2024
Imagine a way of investing that not only aims to grow your wealth but also aligns with your ethical values and faith. That is the essence of Shariah investment.  Rooted in Islamic principles, Shariah investment follows a few sets of principles, such as avoiding companies involved in activities considered haram (forbidden), such as gambling, selling alcohol, or dealing in interest-bearing securities (riba).

What is Shariah investment?

Shariah investment is not merely for those of the Islamic faith, as it is gaining traction among a broader investor base, including non-Muslim investors, who see it as a form of ethical investing through excluding companies engaged in harmful activities and reflecting their values with their money and where they invest. What about investment performance? One of the tenets of Shariah investment is to avoid companies with high levels of debt, which is essentially quality investing that can help to lower volatility and result...
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By Endowus Insights
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