Building a Globally Diversified Portfolio: 5 Thai Blue-Chip Stocks To Look Out For
By Syfe  •  June 18, 2024
In an increasingly interconnected global landscape, allocating your investments across various countries or geographic regions can be advantageous. This can help reduce portfolio volatility and maximise returns. However, many investors still often exhibit home bias, favouring companies from their own country over those from other countries or regions due to their familiarity and ease of trading. The good news is that many solutions exist today that can help investors build a globally diversified portfolio with the same familiarity and ease, one of them being Singapore Depository Receipts (SDRs). What are Singapore Depository Receipts (SDRs)? SDRs are tools that give investors a share in a foreign security listed on an overseas exchange. Through SDRs, Singapore investors can access overseas securities via SGX. This provides a more convenient and cost-effective way of trading foreign securities. The first ones available are Thai SDRs under the Thailand-Singapore DR linkage. Expansion of Thai SDR Offerings on SGX Alongside the initial three Thai SDRs launched last year...
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By Syfe
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