28 Close To TOP New Launch Condos In 2024/25 For Those Looking To Move In Quick
By Stacked Homes  •  June 24, 2024
Given the glut of new launches we saw in 2020/21, quite a number have already been completed with residents moving in by the droves in the last year. For those who have constraints in their timeline for a new home, soon-to-be-completed projects are the ones to be looking at. As such, here’s where you’ll find the condos at or close to completion for the current year: Condos about to be completed in 2024/25
Project Name Tenure Segment Units Remaining Total Units Take-Up Rate
GEMS VILLE Freehold Rest of Central Region 21 24 13%
MIDTOWN BAY 99 Years Core Central Region 76 219 65%
ZYANYA Freehold Rest of Central Region 8 34 76%
IKIGAI Freehold Core Central Region 2 16 88%
KLIMT CAIRNHILL Freehold Core Central Region 15 138 89%
MIDTOWN MODERN 99 Years Core Central Region 8 558 99%
THE REEF AT KING’S DOCK 99 Years Rest of Central Region 5 429 99%
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By Stacked Homes
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