Cash Over Valuation (COV) Explained: Is It Worth Paying More for a Property?
By Kelvin Learns Investing  •  June 26, 2024
What is Cash Over Valuation (COV), and is it a bad thing to pay a higher price for a property? In this video, we explain how COV works and what it means for home buyers. When you negotiate a purchase price with the seller, you also need an HDB valuation. If the purchase price is higher than the valuation, the difference is the COV. For example, if your purchase price is $700K and the valuation is $650K, you're paying $50K above valuation. We discuss why COV is common in today's housing market and whether it's a good or bad decision to pay it. Watch till the end for valuable insights on navigating COV in your home buying journey!...
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By Kelvin Learns Investing
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