Does Facing The Highway Really Affect Your Property Value In Singapore?
By Stacked Homes  •  July 1, 2024
As most homeowners are quick to point out, highway-facing units are harder to sell or rent out, and should generally be avoided. This is a nugget of property wisdom that’s been around for decades, and is one of those things we accept because it sounds logical. But rather than go with accepted wisdom, we decided to take a look at the actual numbers, and also try to determine the extent of the impact. Here’s a look at how a highway facing has affected some condo units: A general snapshot of highway-facing units We picked a few projects which have units that are clearly highway-facing, and units that point elsewhere. Here’s a look at the general buy/sell transactions that occurred:
Project Name 1BR 2BR 3BR 4BR
HUNDRED TREES Highway 18.70% 28.70% 29.40%
Non-Highway 23.10% 35.80% 38.40%
PARC RIVIERA Highway 23.50% 19.40% 17.60% 18.20%
Non-Highway 17.70% 21.70% 26.60%
SIMS URBAN OASIS Highway 15.80% 19.40% 14.50%
Non-Highway 16.70% 20.20% 20.40% 14.00%
VACANZA @ EAST Highway 9.70% 16.20% 13.60%
Non-Highway 6.70% 11.00% 14.20% 11.30%
In short for all four projects, we can see that for three-bedders or larger, highway...
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By Stacked Homes
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