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Best 5G Plans for Gamers and Streamers: GOMO vs. MyRepublic
By Kelvin Learns Investing  •  July 4, 2024
Looking for the best 5G plans for gaming and streaming on the go? In this video, we compare top 5G plans that offer high-speed data and great value. Skip the M1 network and check out the GOMO 5G Plan, which costs $25.46 and includes 300 GB data, data rollover, 3 GB roaming data to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand for 12 months, plus a $3.25 discount for 6 months. We also review the MyRepublic 5G Ultimate plan on the Starhub network, offering 7 GB data per day, unlimited throttled data, 1 GB roaming data to Malaysia and Indonesia for 6 months, KKday vouchers, and a Samsung Mobile Voucher for $24.95. Additionally, the MyRepublic 5G Plus plan is highlighted for its great value at $19.95, providing 150 GB data, unlimited throttled data, and 1 GB roaming data. Watch till the end to find the best 5G plan for your needs!...
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By Kelvin Learns Investing
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