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Find the Best 100 GB Data Plan in Singapore
By Kelvin Learns Investing  •  July 6, 2024
Looking for the best data plan with up to 100 GB? In this video, we review the top options and highlight the newest plan by ZYM Mobile called ZYM Mobile Roam Smart. For just $15.10, you get 100 GB base data plus an additional 100 GB data for 12 months, 8 GB roaming data to Malaysia, and a bonus 2 GB data to Malaysia for 12 months. Plus, there's a $90 Samsung Tab Voucher, and if you use my affiliate code KELVIN, you get a chance to win a Samsung Watch! This plan is perfect for those who need lots of data in both Malaysia and Singapore. Watch till the end for more details and tips on how to maximize this plan!...
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By Kelvin Learns Investing
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