Is Astrea 8 IPO Worth Investing? An In-Depth Look at Singapore’s Latest Retail PE Bonds
By SG Money Matters  •  July 6, 2024
Astrea Bond is Back! If you are looking to invest for passive income, you should continue reading. Azalea Asset Management is listing the Astrea 8 private equity (PE) bonds in July. This will be the fifth retail bond giving Singapore investors access to the PE asset class. In this article, I’ll cover:
  • What is Astrea Bond?
  • The track record of Astrea Bonds
  • Is it worth investing in Astrea 8 Bonds?
  • How to subscribe to Astrea 8 Bonds
What is Astrea Bond? Astrea 8 is fully owned by Azalea Asset Management, which is wholly owned by Seviora Holdings. Seviora Holdings is indirectly owned by Temasek Holdings. So, Astrea Bonds comes with the strong backing of Temasek Holdings. Although Temasek doesn’t guarantee these bonds, many people feel more confident investing in them because of the association. Astrea 8 will issue two classes of bonds: Class A-1 (SGD-denominated) and Class A-2 (USD-denominated):...
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By SG Money Matters
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