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Cory Diary : Personal Finance Ratios
By CoryLogics  •  July 8, 2024
Updates on Recent Financial Ratios Started focusing on financial ratios to better assess personal financial situation and hopefully avoid unnecessary distress. Here’s a summary of the key ratios I'm monitoring:
  1. Net Property Value (NPV)/Equity Ratio
67% This ratio helps in determining how much allocate to equity with acquired property. Typically, we can manage fluctuations in equity over time. However, Property values usually increase locally, and based on this ratio, actions might be needed on either side of the balance. For a single property, having a larger equity base seems logical to maximize returns and ensure diversification. This helps avoid being property-rich but cash-poor. However, this might not suit everyone, especially those wary of equity investment risks. In our case, the property value has been rising, which positively impacts this ratio.
  1. Bond/Equity Ratio
43% Common in many investment books, this ratio for us, includes Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB), Fixed Deposits (FD), Multiplier, and Treasury Bills...
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By CoryLogics
I am not an investment adviser. Nothing herein my blog constitutes investment advice. Is my personal believes that not everyone has to go through the hard way. This blog also serve a purpose to help me record my understanding and personal learning growth. I sincerely welcome all comments.

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